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APIs are fueling digital transformation but have become the Achilles’ heel of cyber defenses. With over 50% of APIs invisible to security teams, these unknown, unmanaged and unprotected APIs expose critical business logic vulnerabilities and increase risk. Our API-driven world needs an advanced, purpose-built solution to illuminate blind spots and protect against today’s leading cybersecurity threat vector.

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We are revolutionizing API security. The Fusion platform is the only holistic solution on the market that delivers visibility, management and control across the entire API development cycle, from code, through testing and into production. By fusing together intelligence from all three development stages, the platform provides organizations with a complete and absolute solution for your entire API estate, enabling you to adopt a single platform approach to API security.

Rules were made
to be broken

Traditional and legacy technologies such as web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways were not designed to protect against logic-based attacks. These attacks account for the majority of the OWASP Top 10 API Security Threats, making businesses dangerously exposed.

Wib’s Fusion platform is purpose-built to understand and interpret API and business logic and deliver insights on API-specific threats. See how the Wib Fusion platform performs against traditional solutions.

Rule Based Logic Based
2023 WASP API Security Top 10 Vulnerabilities WAFs API Gateways
Broken Object Level Authorization
Broken Authentication
Broken Object Property Level Authorization
Unrestricted Resource Consumption
Broken Function Level Authorization
Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows
Server Side Request Forgery
Security Misconfiguration
Improper Inventory Management
Unsafe Consumption of APls

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This three-pronged approach—getting information from code analysis, testing, and production—is central to Wib’s overall strategy toward solving the API security problem. It means that the product protects during development with source code scanning, during build with automated testing, and during runtime with traffic analysis directed at both shadow API discovery and monitoring for abnormal behavior.

GigaOm Radar Report for API Security 2023



Wib GigaOm Radar for API Security

First of breed

The Wib Fusion platform is purpose built for our API-driven world creating a new category of API-native security. It is the industry’s first and only holistic API security platform delivering security from code creation through to customer consumption. See how our revolutionary solution stacks up against the legacy solutions of API security technologies.

 Legacy API Security Solutions
Visibility Code, testing & production Production only
Security Validated incidents & vulnerabilities Incidents
Posture Impact & Risk across environments Risk run time protection only

Advanced API security for digital enterprise

Liberate your business from API security constraints that threaten digital innovation.

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