Manage Your API Attack Surface

An estimated 50% or more of APIs are unmanaged, yet API traffic is 91% of Internet traffic today. You can't secure what you can't see.

Expansion of the Attack Surface

Digital transformation projects have rapidly expanded attack surfaces, exposing services never designed for security to direct attacks on their business logic. At the same time, traditional defenses like WAFs are blind to business logic, making this expanded attack surface more vulnerable and less visible at the same time. These changes challenge security teams trying to secure and defend an organization's attack surface.

Choose and leverage your most secure APIs

Frequent changes to APIs and overlapping mandates for development teams create a challenge for developers to choose and focus their development efforts without putting back-end systems and data at risk. Making risk and context-based decisions about which APIs to use is essential for deploying new services.

Wib’s API Inventory

The high velocity of API development creates blind spots at a staggering rate. Wib's platform generates a constantly updated security-enriched API inventory mapping all your known & unknown APIs. The platform fuses the data into a single source of truth by analyzing code and production traffic.