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Healthcare companies rely on their APIs to provide services and applications to customers and partners. Over the past few years APIs have become a major target, with a steep increase in volume and sophistication of attacks. Only Wib's Full Lifecycle Solution can protect your APIs from attacks and abuse.

system Integrity and Sensitive Data are at risk

Attackers are targeting APIs to execute fraudulent transactions, exfiltrate data and disrupt services. APIs are vulnerable because they are designed to allow access to your data, systems and applications. Gartner predicts that APIs will be the number one attack vector by 2022.

API Security Threats ➝

General Purpose Security Solutions are Ineffective

According to Gartner, general purpose application security solutions are ineffective in protecting web APIs, and each API represents an additional and potentially unique attack vector into your systems.

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The Wib Advantage

Instant Deployment

Wib deployes instantly, doesn't require configuration or network changes, and causes zero performance deterioration.

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Complete Visibility

Wib provides granular details of your API traffic and an up-to-date API inventory, even as developers make changes.

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Full API Lifecycle

Wib is the only solution with a suite of products protecting your APIs across the entire API software development lifecycle.

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Gartner Recommends:
✓  "Discover your APIs before attackers discover them by analyzing mobile and web applications. You cannot secure what you cannot find or categorize. Quantify the threats by uncovering hidden APIs and documenting API usage."
✓  "Adopt a continuous approach to API security across the API development and delivery cycle, designing security into APIs. Include API security testing and the creation and application of reusable API security policies."
✓  "Use a distributed enforcement model to protect APIs across your entire architecture, not just at the perimeter."
- API Security: What You Need to Do to Protect Your APIs


Wib is the only platform providing an API Security suite of products, for comprehensive 360° protection.

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Full Lifecycle API Security

"TaaS helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales

Your APIs are under attack, and they need to be protected across their entire lifecycle - development, testing and production.

Wib is the only platform providing a comprehensive solution for the full API software development lifecycle.

API Security Use Cases

Discover APIs &
Manage Risk
Understand the security posture and assess risk with full visibility.
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API Attacks
Detect anomalies and suspicious activity with Wib's proprietary AI.
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Respond Faster
to Incidents
Respond to attacks and stop them in real-time with surgical precision.
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Data Leaks &
Compliance Risks
Stay compliant and protect sensitive data from attacks and abuse.
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