Attack Simulator

Proactively detect vulnerabilities in your APIs before someone else does.


Vulnerable APIs should be fixed before they go live. Wib provides a full lifecycle solution, instead of just focusing on production like other API Security solutions. By deploying Wib's API Attacker Simulator - vulnerable APIs can be fixed before they ever hit production.

Wib identifies, prioritizes, and eliminates vulnerabilities

Wib's API Attack Simulator gives you the power to simulate smart API attacks with a single click. Attackers are improving and becoming more sophisticated every day. As a result, you can detect vulnerabilities in your APIs before malicious actors do.

Because our API Attack simulator is always up to date with real-world data, you can:

Use the same tools your attackers will use

Fix with a click

Automate penetration testing on any scale

Prioritize your remediation efforts

Build API security into API creation & updates

Bridge security and dev teams

Simple Integration

Wib's products are easy and fast to deploy and use within the organization. An agentless deployment to your environment means zero performance deterioration.

Wib is also the only platform that supports on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

Wib's Suite of Products

Code Analysis

Wib's API Code Analysis eliminates blind spots and protects your APIs at the velocity of development.

Attack Simulator

Wib's API Attack Simulator helps you detect any vulnerabilities in your APIs before someone else does.

Traffic Inspection

Wib's API Traffic Inspection automatically discovers all your APIs, and identifies attackers in real-time using AI and ML.

Compliance Defender

Wib's API Compliance Defender Identifies and solves compliance breaches through your APIs in real time.