Full-Lifecycle API Security Products

The only solution for true and complete visibility

Wib is the only platform providing a comprehensive solution for the full API software development lifecycle. Wib's suite of products removes blind spots so your organization establishes a continuous improvement and efficiency model for API security. You get insights for identifying, prioritizing, and eliminating vulnerabilities and tools that help you prevent recurring errors.

Identify API Risks at Every Stage

APIs are continuously created and updated at increasing velocity. Security teams must have visibility and create a feedback loop between every stage of the API software development lifecycle.

Development Stage

The high velocity of development creates blind spots at a staggering rate. The only way to create true and complete visibility is to be connected to the source at the development stage. Furthermore, early discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities and errors can help eliminate security incidents.

Testing Stage

APIs process most of the traffic in modern web applications and services. The testing stage must contain unique tests for each API in your code. Because APIs are constantly changing and updating, smart testing is the only way to catch the critical issues before deploying your APIs to production.

Production Stage

Many API vulnerabilities can only be discovered in production when hackers try to exploit their logic, parameters, or interaction with other live APIs. Production protection helps you spot vulnerabilities and data exposures, as well as detect and prevent attacks before they succeed.

Wib's Suite of Products

Code Analysis

Wib's API Code Analysis eliminates blind spots and protects your APIs at the velocity of development.

Attack Simulator

Wib's API Attack Simulator helps you detect any vulnerabilities in your APIs before someone else does.

Traffic Inspection

Wib's API Traffic Inspection automatically discovers all your APIs, and identifies attackers in real-time using AI and ML.

Compliance Defender

Wib's API Compliance Defender Identifies and solves compliance breaches through your APIs in real time.

Simple Integration

Wib's products are easy and fast to deploy and use within the organization. An agentless deployment to your environment means zero performance deterioration.

Wib is also the only platform that supports on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud environments.