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Risk & Business Impact

Prioritize decisions based on API risks and potential business impact

Understand the Business impact

Wib's platform enables you to evaluate the organizational impact of each API. The platform estimates how your APIs affect your core business functions, the organization's reputation, and revenue generation.

Risk Management

Wib's platform continuously analyzes endpoint risks based on security vulnerabilities and their potential impact on your business. The platform provides insights and context to inform prioritization and resource allocation decisions based on potential impacts to your core business functions, services, applications, and reputation.

Exposing and Monitoring Risk & Business Impact

Wib’s API security platform fuses data gathered from code, testing results, and production traffic analysis to find and prioritize API risks, their potential business impact, and options for timely remediation.
Wib can:
Prioritize business-critical APIs under risk
Convert API context into business operations
Asses Risk by potential impact and business context
Get actionable insights & recommendations
Measure the organization's API resilience
Understand APIs Logic by context

Watch Wib in Action

Wib's 2nd generation API Security Platform is the only solution that helps to secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle.

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