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Continuous Visibility

Discover your organization's unknown APIs and keep your inventory up to date. Catch up and keep up with the speed of API development.

Constantly Updated API Inventory

The high velocity of API development creates new blind spots at a staggering rate. The Wib platform's continuously updated and security-enriched API inventory maps your known and unknown APIs, and our fusion engine provides your teams with a single source of truth, updated in real-time.

Automatic Documentation

Master API change management and make audits and exams stress-free with automated API documentation generation. Wib's platform enables you to select the APIs you want to document and generate the most recent specifications fully aligned with your governance and CI/CD needs.

Eliminate Your Blind Spots At The Speed of Development

Wib's API Security Platform eliminates blindspots created by unmanaged APIs by expanding your visibility through multiple lenses. This added visibility, along with the context provided by Wib's fusion engine, helps you shrink your attack surface and focus on your highest-risk items first.
With the platform you can:
Automatically map out the organization’s API Attack Surface
Detect which APIs handle sensitive data
Automatically discover known & unknown APIs
Monitor API usage & performance
Generate API documentation on demand
Bridge visibility gaps with existing security programs

Watch Wib in Action

Wib's 2nd generation API Security Platform is the only solution that helps to secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle.

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