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API Security

Protect your APIs from code through testing to production - protection across the entire development lifecycle.

OWASP API Top 10 Detection

The Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP) has released a list of the top 10 API security vulnerabilities, helping raise awareness of the most severe API security issues affecting organizations. Wib's platform detects API vulnerabilities such as Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA), Broken User Authentication, and more.

Track Changes in APIs Schemas

APIs keep on evolving, often with different developers making changes to the same codebase. Moving fast and changing things frequently is core to DevOps. Wib's API security platform allows developers to run fast while keeping track of changes in EP's Schemas that might impact API risks.

Secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle

As part of the data fusion, the platform infuses security into the API inventory to help your organization secure your API attack surface. Wib is a signal source of truth (SSOT) by fusing development, testing, and production data, accounting for all aspects of APIs
With the platform you can:
Detect OWASP API Top10 vulnerabilities
Extract poor authorization methods
Automatically discover Zombie & Shadow APIs
Detect authorization weaknesses in payload
Extract weak encryption methods
Investigate incidents by tracking API changes

Watch Wib in Action

Wib's 2nd generation API Security Platform is the only solution that helps to secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle.

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