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Advanced API Security

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the lifeblood of the modern economy, facilitating the data connectivity between applications. Achieving a comprehensive ‘shift left, shield right’ strategy requires a holistic approach to security that encompasses all three stages of the application development cycle. Where API security has historically focused only on the development or the production stages, Wib’s Fusion platform is the industry’s first and only API security platform to holistically deliver security across the entire development cycle through a single platform.

Fusion Discovery

Understand the true API attack surface with continuous, automated inventory documentation and expose all APIs, known and unknown.

Fusion Defense

Detect OWASP API security vulnerabilities and extract poor encryption and authorization methods across the entire API lifecycle.

Fusion Analysis

Assess the risk and business impact of APIs and prioritize remediation based on actionable insights and recommendations.

One API security platform.
The entire API lifecycle.


Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines allow for high-velocity API code creation and updating. Wib’s Fusion platform frees DevOps to run as fast as it needs without worrying about API security.


Testing environments allow organizations to prevent vulnerabilities from being exposed to attackers. Wib’s API security platform identifies problematic code commits, triggering API testing to ensure no weaknesses are exposed and code can be fixed prior to production.


Production networks are the last line of defense in API security. Wib’s Fusion platform works in tandem with all the other stages to monitor the different systems and prevent OWASP Top 10 advanced logic-based threats and minimize false positives.

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Holistically protect the integrity of your API estate

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Fusion Discovery

Automated visibility

Wib’s Fusion Discovery automatically documents your API inventory, giving you complete and absolute visibility of your entire API estate (development, testing and production):

  • Automatically and continuously map the entire API attack surface
  • Detect which APIs handle sensitive, personal identifiable information (PII) data
  • Discover all known and unknown APIs
  • Monitor API usage and performance
  • Generate API documentation on demand
  • Bridge visibility gaps with existing security programs

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Fusion Defense

Security without compromise

Wib’s Fusion Defense provides protection for your APIs throughout their entire lifecycle, from development through testing and into production:

  • Detect OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Extract poor authorization methods
  • Discover zombie and shadow APIs
  • Detect authorization weaknesses in payload
  • Extract weak encryption methods
  • Investigate incidents by tracking API changes

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Wib Fusion Analysis API security product icon

Fusion Analysis

Definitive answers

Wib’s Fusion Analysis fuses data gathered from code, testing results, and production traffic analysis to find and prioritize API risks, their potential business impact, and options for timely remediation:

  •  Prioritize business-critical APIs under risk
  • Convert API context into business operations
  • Assess risk by potential impact and business context
  • Get actionable insights and recommendations
  • Measure the organization’s API resilience
    Understand API logic by context

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ROI in hours, not weeks!*

The integration of Wib’s Fusion Platform does not require agent installation or documentation meaning you’ll start seeing ROI almost immediately. Wib quickly and seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure without prerequisites.

*Based on the integration of the SaaS version of the Fusion platform. Integration of the on-premise version will be dependent upon customer environment.

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A leader in API Security

This three-pronged approach—getting information from code analysis, testing, and production—is central to Wib’s overall strategy toward solving the API security problem. It means that the product protects during development with source code scanning, during build with automated testing, and during runtime with traffic analysis directed at both shadow API discovery and monitoring for abnormal behavior.

GigaOm Radar Report for API Security 2023

Wib GigaOm Radar for API Security

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Advanced API security for digital enterprise

Liberate your business from API security constraints that threaten digital innovation.

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