Wib's Platform

Wib helps secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle - from code to testing to production.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

APIs are growing at an incredible rate, making them hard to control. As they evolve from inception to deprecation, they introduce value and risk to the organization. To allow DevOps to produce as fast as they want, you need to be aware of all APIs in your organization, their security state, and their owners. Wib offers you this complete awareness.

Identify API Risks at Every Stage

APIs are created and updated at an ever-increasing pace. Security teams must obtain visibility and remediation capabilities at every stage of the API’s lifecycle.

development stage

CI/CD pipelines allow for high-velocity API code creation and updating. Wib platform enables DevOps to run as fast as they need without worrying about their API security.

testing stage

Staging, pre-production, or any other testing environment offers organizations the opportunity to prevent vulnerabilities from being exposed to attackers. Wib systematically identifies problematics code commit, triggers API testing to ensure no weaknesses are exposed, and verifies that DevOps fixes the code before rolling it out to production.

production stage

Production networks are the last line of defense in API security. Wib API Security platform works in tandem with all the other stages to monitor the different systems and prevent OWASP Top 10 advanced logic threats.

Securing Your APIs - From A to Z

Wib secures your APIs across the entire development lifecycle. Here’s how it works:

Continuous Visibility

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Wib’s platform leverages data fusion from your organization’s code repositories, testing & production environments to create a continuously updated inventory of your APIs. The API inventory provides your organization with continuous visibility into managed & unmanaged APIs, including their schemas, commit history, who made the changes, and how sensitive data is impacted.

API Security

Wib’s fusion engine compares and enriches data from multiple sources to detect OWASP API Top 10 security issues (including weak authorization and authentication), discovers Zombie and Shadow APIs, identifies inadequate encryption methods, and more.

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Risk & Business Impact

Wib's platform continuously analyzes endpoints' risk based on security vulnerabilities and their impact on the business. The platform provides insights into methodologies, priorities, and critical concerns so your teams can focus on the most critical risk items first.

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Generating Value Through Integrations

The wib platform allows you to start experiencing value in under 2 hours. With quick and seamless integration that does not require agent installation or documentation. Wib works with your current system with no prerequisites and provides results - fast.

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Wib's 2nd generation API Security Platform is the only solution that helps to secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle.

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