Wib Doubles Down on the need for Holistic API Security

Calls out shortcomings in API and Application security approaches to the API Threat

Tel Aviv, May 17, 2023 Wib, the fast-growth cybersecurity startup pioneering a new era in API security, used the recent RSA event to reiterate the need for a holistic approach to API security, delivering on that vision by unveiling the latest enhancements to its unique Fusion platform. In the wake of strong customer acquisition, positive endorsement from enterprise deployments and a growing demand for its innovative approach, Wib believes that without a holistic view of the entire API lifecycle, other current and emerging approaches to API security fall short, leaving CISOs faced with blind spots, false positives, complexity, and excessive costs when tackling their API security needs. Wib has been identified by independent analyst firm Futuriom as one of the pace setters in API security in the newly ‘API and Shift left security’ published report.

API security has become the latest frontier in the escalating cyber war, presenting one of the biggest threats faced by today’s digitally transformed organisations. According to figures from independent analyst firm Gartner*, 98% of organisations use or are planning to use internal APIs; 94% use or are planning to use third-party public APIs; 90% use or are planning to use private APIs provided by partners and 80% provide or are planning to provide publicly exposed APIs.

Chuck Herrin, CTO at Wib, used the RSA event to outline the need for a more holistic approach to the escalating API security challenge: “Traditional API security approaches are fragmented, leaving CISOs and DevSecOps teams with a siloed view of their API landscape and a false sense of security,” he said. “Using multiple point products to fix the problem is a recipe for disaster, creating blind spots that can easily lead to API exploits and abuse. By shifting as far left into the development cycle and shielding right, across testing and production environments we give security teams a holistic view of their entire API estate to enable them monitor and detect vulnerabilities and threats earlier in the API lifecycle, ensuring that production becomes the last line, rather than the only line, of defense.”

He explained that any effective defense strategy must be based not only on an organisation’s attack surface but must also understand how skilled attackers operate: “Wib’s core principle is ‘Your Defense Must be Informed by the Offense’, and this approach ensures our solution is always ‘relevant’ and ready to defend,” he added. “This methodology helped us build a robust, end-to-end defensive solution, ensuring that our customers are always allocating their resources wisely, focused on real risks and attack patterns we see in the wild as well as how our team of expert attackers abuse APIs and business logic in our offensive engagements.

Gil Shulman, VP Product at Wib adds whilst he cautiously welcomes some of the recent API security approaches, “The XDR-like approach is interesting if delivered truly holistically. In fact, the idea of collecting, analysing and correlating API data, providing visibility and context to identify API vulnerabilities and threats has been a driving factor behind the development of Wib’s API security platform powered by our innovative Fusion Engine technology. Through this holistic approach to the entire API lifecycle, we give DevSecOps teams a single unified view of the API threat landscape across code, test, and production. Furthermore, our ability to augment, enhance and integrate with existing security tools and programmes significantly reduces the complexity, resources, and costs inherent in other solutions, making it an extremely viable option for organisations to adopt into their existing security stack.”

“API security is fast rising up the agenda of critical security concerns, not least because businesses are increasingly relying on APIs to connect essential services and transfer key data,” commented Scott Raynovich, Founder and Principal Analyst with Futuriom. “A hacked API can lead to a serious data breach. It is often the case that web-enabled applications leave open a bigger attack surface area through exposed APIs than through user interfaces. Attackers know this and are upping their focus on APIs. That’s also why we’re seeing API security becoming a growing component of the “shift left” movement which moves focus to the development side of applications and infrastructure, pushing operational testing and cybersecurity technologies further up in the development cycle. We expect the shift left cybersecurity mindset to permeate many layers of cloud infrastructure – networking, code, operating systems, and hardware down to the memory level. All this needs to happen to implement better security policy and techniques in the code that runs in the cloud.”

In his latest Cloud Market Trend Report, Raynovich said: “API security is a growing area of need and Wib has thought through the problem in detail. Wib’s holistic API security platform provides continuous and complete visibility and control across the entire API ecosystem, protecting APIs from code through testing to production. It starts with discovering unknown APIs and keeping API inventory. Wib also enables developers to code with confidence and security teams to secure with surety. The API-first approach also manages the API attack surface and enables organizations to assess API security risk and prepare for audit.”

*Gartner Hype Cycle for API Security Report



About Wib

Wib is pioneering a new era in advanced API security with its industry first holistic API security platform. Providing continuous and complete visibility and control across the entire API ecosystem, Wib enables developers to code with confidence and security teams to secure with surety.

Wib’s elite team of developers, attackers, defenders, and seasoned cybersecurity professionals draw on real-world experience and expertise to help define and develop innovative technology solutions that enable customers with the identity, inventory and integrity of every API, wherever it may be within the development lifecycle, without compromising development or stifling innovation.

Wib is Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with international presence in Dallas, USA and London, UK. It was founded in August 2021 by serial entrepreneur Gil Don (CEO), Ran Ohayon (CRO) and Tal Steinherz who previously served as the CTO of Israel’s national cyber directorate. Visit www.wib.com



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