Wib Announce Industry First Compliance Module to its Holistic API Security Platform

Revolutionizing organizations’ capability to meet Cybersecurity and API regulatory requirements


Tel Aviv, Israel – June 20, 2023Wib, the fast-growth cybersecurity scaleup pioneering a new era in API security, today launched a new Compliance Module for its API Fusion Platform, further enhancing its API security capabilities. This innovative addition addresses the growing demands placed on global organizations to meet increasingly stringent API compliance standards including PCI 4.0, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Open Banking standards, and more.


The Compliance Module is the latest enhancement to Wib’s API Fusion Platform, the industry’s first and only API security solution to deliver visibility across the entire API lifecycle through a single, unified platform. Based on minimal information such as industry sector and geographic location, the new solution helps organizations to simplify the compliance process, identify regulatory requirements specific to their needs and detect violations across every stage of the API lifecycle – code, testing and production.


With this latest development, the Wib API Fusion Platform now provides the most comprehensive protection for an organizations’ API estate including threat detection and response and compliance posture management. The platform also streamlines operations and reduces “safe time to market” while maintaining security posture and regulatory adherence.


The Compliance Module addition to the Platform, is automatically enabled for all Wib customers at no additional cost, providing an enterprise-grade solution that streamlines operations without adding costs.


Commenting on the announcement, Gil Shulman VP of Product at Wib, said:

“APIs have become ubiquitous in modern business and are critical in powering today’s digital economy. Becoming the backbone of web services and applications, the exposed API infrastructure often leaves organizations vulnerable to compliance violations, leading to significant risk and financial penalties.

Wib is committed to fortifying API infrastructures across all stages of the API lifecycle. Our new Compliance Module enables organizations to circumvent internal and technological friction, assisting operational efficiency by significantly reducing decision and action time, ensuring compliance while maintaining an acceptable risk level, striking a balance between agility, governance and risk.”


Chuck Herrin, CTO at Wib added:

“You need to think of compliance as a journey, not a destination. And organizations need to start that journey now to prepare for these new regulations coming online over the next couple of years. ‘Time to compliance’ is critical and with Wib’s new Compliance Module CISOs now have a solution that will help them accelerate that journey – reducing time to compliance and decreasing API risk exposure. With this certainty organizations are able to run fast while managing cyber risks and meeting compliance requirements.”


Wib’s Compliance Module offers continuous and automatic compliance risk monitoring across all API stages, delivering the intelligence and tools needed by different teams, from developers to incident responders, including real-time actionable insights.


Key features include:


  1. Continuous regulation exposure detection: The module automatically exposes all API relations to a range of global regulations, ensuring that organizations are always aware of their compliance exposure and needs
  2. Support for a wide range of global regulations: The module supports various regulations, including PCI 4.0, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Open Banking standards, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for regulatory adherence
  3. Risk-based violation prioritization: The module helps organizations prioritize compliance violations based on their potential impact risks to the business, optimizing exposure time and risk levels
  4. Compliance violation exposure time tracking: The module tracks the exposure time of compliance violations, enabling organizations to prioritize and address the most critical issues and exposure SLAs
  5. Customer-assigned compliance monitors: Customers can assign compliance monitors, tailoring a specific compliance strategy
  6. Audited muting of monitors and violations: Audited changes to compliance monitoring, helping organizations to track changes to compliance policies


For more information about Wib and its new Compliance Module for the API Fusion Platform, visit www.wib.com.



About Wib

Wib is pioneering a new era in advanced API security with its industry first holistic API security platform. Providing continuous and complete visibility and control across the entire API ecosystem, Wib enables developers to code with confidence and security teams to secure with surety.

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Wib is Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with international presence in Dallas, USA and London, UK. It was founded in August 2021 by serial entrepreneur Gil Don (CEO), Ran Ohayon (CRO) and Tal Steinherz who previously served as the CTO of Israel’s national cyber directorate. Visit www.wib.com



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