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Automated API documentation and inventory

Fusion Discovery delivers true visibility of your entire API estate – development, testing and production – by automatically and continually documenting your API inventory in real time.

Reduce the burden on DevOps to maintain up to date API documentation by automating it with Wib, making security teams safe in the knowledge their API documentation is being updated at the speed of innovation.

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Postman: 2022 State of the API Report

You can’t protect what you can’t see

Fusion Discovery provides enterprise with previously impossible levels of visibility across the entire lifecycle of an API. With a complete and accurate picture of the API attack surface, you can minimize blind spots, reduce false positives, de-risk your business and defend against potential API security vulnerabilities wherever they occur in the development cycle.

Discover all known and unknown APIs

Fusion Discovery maps your entire API estate to detect all known and unknown APIs, delivering a full API inventory to illuminate your blind spots and provide you with complete, real-time visibility of your potential attack surface.

What is a Shadow API?

Shadow APIs lurk in the darkness, unmanaged and unmonitored, working outside of IT governance and security processes. Being unknown and undocumented there are many governance as well as security risks associated with these APIs.

What is a Zombie API

Zombie APIs are the APIs your organization assumed to be dead, but are very much still alive, causing a dangerous, exploitable attack surface that the business is not even aware of.

Simplifying compliance whilst maintaining business integrity

Avoid audit stress with the automated generation of API documentation. Fusion Discovery allows you to select APIs you want to document and generate the most recent specifications fully aligned with your governance and CI/CD needs. With many governing bodies mandating regular API PenTesting, accurate documentation can help enable this testing to take place.

Wib’s API PenTesting Service

Our API PenTesting as a Service (PTaaS) offering will test your appsec, APIs and business logic vulnerabilities to meet the compliance requirements of PCI, GDPR, CCPA, SOC-2, ISO, NIST 800-30, HIPAA, GBLA, CMA and others.

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Detect APIs handling Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Data security is one of the biggest risks to an organizations’ profit and reputation. During the inventory process, Wib’s Fusion Discovery identifies all APIs handling PII so you know exactly which are engaged in sensitive data. In accordance with regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS, GPDR and HIPPA, APIs that handle PII will be tagged and visible on your dashboard. With serious sanctions for those found to be violating these regulations, it’s crucial you secure your sensitive API data.

Now you can see it, secure it

Wib’s Fusion Defense provides protection for your APIs throughout their entire lifecycle, from development through testing and into production.

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Advanced API security for digital enterprise

Liberate your business from API security constraints that threaten digital innovation.

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