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Insightful Remediation

API risk management requires context and insights. Our holistic approach to API security means gaining insights from across the entire API estate: code, testing and production. By fusing this data together, Wib’s Fusion Analysis provides you with the context you need to make informed decisions with pre-empted foresight to remediate API security vulnerabilities across your API infrastructure.

Your security posture, scored!

Fusion Analysis continually evaluates your API architecture to provide an analysis of both attack exposure and what the potential impact on your business will be from an attack. Whether you are healthy, on the way to accident and emergency, or worse, the morgue, understanding the health of your security posture is crucial to taking the right course of action to remediate any potential issues.

API Risk Score

The parameters of your risk score:

  • Sensitive data
  • Business context
  • Direction
  • Security score
  • DB accessibility
  • Anomalies

Health Score

The parameters of your health score:

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Rate limiting
  • Authorization
  • Issue state
  • Security efforts

Highly recommended

You have your risk and health score, now what?
Based on the parameters used to determine your scores, Fusion Analysis not only provides you with its findings, but also gives you actionable insights to take the appropriate actions to prioritize remediation and reduce risk across your API estate.

Deep impact

The Fusion platform creates an inventory of all your APIs and evaluates the organizational impact – revenue, regulatory, reputational, etc. – of each API. Fusion Analysis provides you with a clear picture of which business-critical APIs are at risk so you can reduce the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk.

A track record

Wib’s Fusion Analysis continually tracks changes to APIs, with automated snapshots of your API history. This allows you to investigate API security incidents and vulnerabilities in real-time by evaluating how the code has changed, who changed it and how the change has impacted business risk.

Developers in
the spotlight

Wib’s Fusion Analysis provides an analysis of developer performance. Security teams get visibility into which stakeholders could be exposing their organization to risk, enabling them to proactively optimize the coding practices of developers and minimize future API risk to the business.

You can’t protect what you can’t see

Get complete and absolute visibility of your entire API estate with automated API inventory documentation with Fusion Discovery. No ifs, buts or maybes.

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