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Automated API inventory

We believe that API security starts with visibility. Our automated API inventory discovers all APIs across your estate providing you with complete visibility of all APIs. We are the only solution on the market that can give you an API inventory that includes APIs across code, testing and production environments giving you a true picture of your API attack surface. Wib’s API discovery is continuously updated at the speed of innovation.

Datasheet – Wib Fusion Discovery


Datasheet – Wib Fusion Discovery

Real-time, accurate API inventory, API security insights and the potential business impact of API risks. […]

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Automated API documentation

Manually generating API documentation can be a very time-consuming task for DevOps, particularly given the rate of innovation in today’s API-driven world. By automating API documentation with Wib’s Fusion platform, organizations can eliminate the burden on DevOps, so that they can focus on development. API documentation is updated and maintained in real-time, and can be generated at the click of a button.

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Discover all known and unknown APIs

Fusion Discovery maps your entire API estate to detect all known and unknown APIs, delivering a full API inventory to illuminate your blind spots and provide you with complete, real-time visibility of your potential attack surface.

What is a Shadow API?

Shadow APIs lurk in the darkness, unmanaged and unmonitored, working outside of IT governance and security processes. Being unknown and undocumented there are many governance as well as security risks associated with these APIs.

What is a Zombie API

Zombie APIs are the APIs your organization assumed to be dead, but are very much still alive, causing a dangerous, exploitable attack surface that the business is not even aware of.

Identify APIs handling sensitive data

Wib’s Fusion platform maps every API within the API inventory, tagging all those which handle sensitive data such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This empowers organizations to understand the data security risk associated to their API estate, and to take the required remediation actions to avoid sanctions for data leakage. The platform also gives business the ability to add data fields into the classification of sensitive data while our machine learning (ML) solution will ensure that this data is continuously tracked in the future.

Stress-free compliance

With automated API documentation, Wib’s Fusion Discovery takes the stress out of audits. Simply select the APIs you wish to document, and the platform will generate the most recent specifications, fully aligned with your governance and CI/CD needs. As the only solution on the market across code, testing and production environments, you’ll have access to API documentation for APIs, wherever they reside across your API estate.

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