Never Lose Sleep Over
Your APIs Again

Wib helps secure your organization by providing you with continuous visibility into your API Attack Surface. Wib ensures that you eliminate your blindspots and understand how APIs impact your risk posture across the entire API lifecycle - from code to production.

No More Worries About API Blind Spots

About 50% of all APIs are unmanaged, creating blind spots and introducing security risks that can dramatically impact your business. Wib’s API security platform automatically discovers your API blind spots, keeping you in control.

Stop Exposing Vulnerable Business Logic

Legacy AppSec solutions such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and API Gateways were never designed to detect, or stop attacks at the business logic level. Wib’s 2nd generation platform fills these gaps to help you secure your business logic.

Make Audits & Exams Stress-Free

API development pace has increased tremendously, making manual tracking of API changes impossible. Wib's API Security platform ensures your documentation is always up-to-date by automatically documenting changes in your APIs, as well as how these changes impact your APIs’ risk.

The 2nd Generation of API Security

Wib API security platform delivers continuous visibility across the entire API lifecycle, from code through testing to production. With its API fusion engine, Wib's platform becomes your single source of truth (SSOT) for all your APIs.

Only Wib helps secure your APIs across the entire API lifecycle.

Securing Your APIs - From A to Z

Wib secures your APIs across the entire development lifecycle. Here’s how it works:

Continuous Visibility

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Wib’s platform leverages data fusion from your organization’s code repositories, testing & production environments to create a continuously updated inventory of your APIs. The API inventory provides your organization with continuous visibility into managed & unmanaged APIs, including their schemas, commit history, who made the changes, and how sensitive data is impacted.

API Security

Wib’s fusion engine compares and enriches data from multiple sources to detect OWASP API Top 10 security issues (including weak authorization and authentication), discovers Zombie and Shadow APIs, identifies inadequate encryption methods, and more.

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Risk & Business Impact

Wib's platform continuously analyzes endpoints' risk based on security vulnerabilities and their impact on the business. The platform provides insights into methodologies, priorities, and critical concerns so your teams can focus on the most critical risk items first.

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