Full Lifecycle API Security Platform

Wib is the only way to secure your APIs from development to production, with the most comprehensive API Security Platform.

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APIs are critical for collaboration and rapid innovation. Wib is making that possible by transforming the way our customers protect their APIs.

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Your apis are vulnerable and under attack

APIs are the most vulnerable entry point of your organization. APIs are designed to allow access to your data, systems and applications - these are your Crown Jewels. Gartner predicts that APIs will be the number one attack vector by 2022.

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WAFs and API Gateways can't protect you

According to Gartner, general purpose application security solutions are ineffective in protecting web APIs, and each API represents an additional and potentially unique attack vector into your systems.

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Wib is the only platform providing an API Security suite of products, for comprehensive 360° protection.

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Full Lifecycle API Security

"TaaS helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales

Your APIs are under attack, and they need to be protected across their entire lifecycle - development, testing and production.

Wib is the only platform providing a comprehensive solution for the full API software development lifecycle.